Research and Development

Ligature invested substantially in the field of Energy Efficiency and Energy Management. Large funds were directed to investigate energy wastages in the streetlights. Ligature is working closely with the professors in the electrical department at the University College to understand the domain and development the energy efficiency solutions.

Our Research team is addressing the energy conduction losses issues such as the non- linear load and input fluctuations. Ligature team is aggressively working on Adaptive power factor correction and central control and monitoring system to avoid losses due to irregular switching practices, power theft, faulty lines and voltage regulation. We are working on improving the power factor to .99 lag. Ligature has diverted around 30% of the profit into R&D.

As a result, Ligature came up with iCaTS – Intelligent Control and Tracking system. The ideology behind iCaTS is “What can’t be measured can’t be controlled”. Hence our emphasis is on energy management and energy efficiency.